Odessa Office:
No. 14, Torgova Bld

+380 487 289 737 or.. +380 487 289 738


Where are we?

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Registered at: Pogranichnaya 10/30
Vilkovo - Kilia 272626
Odessa Oblast

Limited Company No. 328588

Tourism Licence No.......... DTA AB 217016



Salix is the Latin name for willow ~ a characteristic tree of the Danube Delta. The company was established in 1998 as a subsidiary of a British company, Fieldfare International Ecological Development plc. The majority of Salix is owned by Fieldfare and the remaining part by Ukrainian shareholders.

Salix aims to to promote ecologically sustainable development and wise use of land and natural resources in Ukraine.

Since its creation, Salix has received investment from Fieldfare for the purchase of various properties and equipment for businesses purposes. These mainly comprise a house in Reni ("Iris"), a visitor centre in Vilkovo ("Salix Alba"), a car, a minibus and three small boats (two of them with electric motors). In addition, Salix rents an office in Odessa and an apartment in Vilkovo ("Juncus").

During the company's existence, it has mainly focused on establishing ecotourism infrastructure in the Lower Danube region. However the company has also been involved with projects such as:

  • Establishment of marine protected areas in the Black Sea (2008 - 2009)
  • Development of ecotourism in Central Siberia (2007)
  • Promotion of ecotourism in Bulgarian Danube wetlands (2006)
  • Organisation of EU Tacis Cross-Border Cooperation Training Seminars in Ukraine and Moldova (2004)
  • Exhibitions on ecotourism at trade fairs in Odessa (2003, 2004)
  • Participating in the Biodiversity Finance Initiative of the European Centre for Nature Conservation (2003 - 2004)
  • Establishment of a cross-border biosphere reserve between Ukraine and Poland in the Rostocze region (2002 - 2003)

Activities, Services and Products

Salix has the following priority areas of business:

  • ecotourism development
  • handcraft production and sales
  • biomass production from reeds
  • project design and management for sustainable development


Salix Ltd, registered in Kilia, Odessa, no. 328588, is a Ukrainian subsidiary of FIELDFARE International Ecological Development plc.