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We are proud to be the only ecotour company in Ukraine recommended bytheLonely Planet andMarco PoloGuides

Enjoy our unique electric boat tour in the Danube Delta

Salix Tours' locally built pirogue is powered by a state-of-art electric motor. The craft is notablefor its silence: essential for enjoying a tranquil nature tour in the Danube Delta.

A hearty lunch break at our riverside garden in the Danube Delta

Horse-riding in Kazantip, Crimea


Group tours

The table below sets out our group tour programme for 2011. Some of the tours are run with our partners. Further information is available by clicking on the links provided.

Tour dates



Places available

Information link

Late January 2011

Census of Great Bustards in Crimea




3 - 13 May 2011
Nature and Culture of the Black Sea (Sofia to Odessa)




16 - 24 May 2011

Birds in Crimea and southern Ukraine

Sunbird (UK)



28 May - 6 June 2011

Birds in Crimea and southern Ukraine

Liberty Bird (Switzerland)


LibertyBird (German)

8 - 20 June 2011

Birds of Yenisei River, Central Siberia

Branta Tours (Bulgaria)



Personal tours and visits

We can arrange special tours to meet your own requirements - for yourself, your family or your friends. Whether its a day out, a long weekend or an extended period, we can help you plan the ideal holiday, at any time of the year. And you can rest assured that we will provide comfortable accommodation, delicious food, expert guiding, reliable transport and any other support you need.

Visit our pages onnature andlocations for a sample of what you can see and do in Ukraine. Here are some more ideas in and around Odessa:

a April 1st is Odessa Sea Carnival Day (Yumorina): come and see the amazing pageant.
a June 29 is Danube Day, celebrated thruughout the river basin - come and join in the events organised in the delta.
a September 7th is Odessa Foundation Day: enjoy the open-air concerts and fireworks.
a From June to October, the fishing for carp, pike, catfish and zander is excellent. Camp out on the Danube banks and catch some.
a Or try your hand at ice-fishing on the lakes during February: whatever your luck, there will be a warming mulled wine and stuffed pike meal ready for you at the end of the day!
a Go for a canoe tour along the Danube channels.
a Spend some time in a local community and brush up on your Russian language.
a Set up an easel and paint the fantastic landscapes.

Want to know more? Send us an email with your request we will get working on it straight away!


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