Phone us in Odessa: +380487 289 737

or email us at: ecotours[at]www.salix.od.ua

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Salix is an Anglo-Ukrainian company specialising in high quality birdwatching, nature and heritage tours. We are highly recommended in the Ukrainian editions of both the Lonely Planet and Marco Polo Guides.

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Don't hesitate to send us an email, skype salix_tours, or phone our office.

If you are in Odessa, you are welcome to drop in to our town centre office located at Torgova 14 (just below the junction with Pastera)

Our Odessa tours feature localities in Bessarabia (the Lower Danube Region of south-west Odessa oblast): known as a global hotspot for its rich plantlife and birdlife. It is also a cradle of European history involving the Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Russian Empires.

In addition, we organise tours to other parts of Ukraine such as the Carpathian Mountains, Dnipro Delta, Askania Nova and Pripyat (Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), as well as to Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania.

Our guides have a deep knowledge of local history, culture and nature that ensures that all our guests have enjoyable and stimulating excursions.

We plan tours to meet your own requirements: from two to ten days, for two to ten people: visit our typical tour, nature and locations pages for what you can expect to see and do. There is also a range of maps to help you get your bearings. And you can find out about our forthcoming group tour programme with our partners.

We provide high-standard accommodation, with the traditional cuisine of Crimea and Bessarabia (including fresh fish, shashlik and roast duck accompanied by local wines).

Salix Ltd, registered in Kilia, Odessa, no. 328588, is a Ukrainian subsidiary of FIELDFARE International Ecological Development plc.

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