Odessa-Mama and her realm

Sea Port, Odessa Potemkin stairs Duque_de_Richelieu_Odessa The Opera House Monument to the twelth chair

Ten days in Odessa region

Odessa is the largest and most beautiful city on the north coast of the Black Sea. It is fondly known as Odessa-Mama by her inhabitants - a comforting abode amidst the open rolling steppes beyond. When Catherine the Great gained control of the region from the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th Century. Odessa became the wealthiest city after St. Petersberg itself. Today, Odessa retains its freewheeling cosmopolitan atmosphere among broad avenues, splendid buildings, parks, theatres, restaurants and much more. And there are many exciting destinations near to Odessa that show off the natural and cultural heritage of southern Ukraine, from the Danube Delta to Askania Nova.



Day 1: Arrival in Odessa. Accommodation. Dinner in Kumanets - ukrainian cuisine restaurant. 

Day 2: Odessa: Beautiful Odessa Morning - walking excursion. Ideal Masonic city of Duke Richelieu. The world's most beautiful Opera House*.

Day 3-5: Three days in the Danube Delta. See description of the tour Bessarabian Adventure.

Day 6: Odessa: Morning Criminal Odessa excursion. Criminal - lovers of art. Afternoon discover your own Odessa. Optional - Opera House.

Day 7: Wild Steppe of Nomands at the Tiligul Landscape Park -  See description of the tour Tiligul Landscape Park.             

Day 8: Askania  Nova - first Nature Reserve in the Russian Empire, founded by a German colonist - See description of the tour Ascania Nova.

Day 9: Odessa: Morning Excursion in the Polish Palace - life of Odessaaristocrats of 19 century. Afternoon walk along the sea shore promenade. Dinner in Hutorok - Bessarabian cusine restaurant.

Day 10: Departure from Odessa.


* depends on the schedule