Odessa - Korsuntsev - Kubanka - Severynivka - Ilyinka - Odessa


A one-day trip around Kuyalnik liman begins in Odessa. After visiting the closed old salt pans, we will go through the vast steppes of southern Ukraine to the one of the oldest Bulgarian colonies - Kubanka. On our way we will meet shepherds wells, rare steppe and liman landscapes. Horse farm and sheep folds are located in Kubanka.
Then we get to the former possessions of Count Pototskiy, from a height of floodplain – a terrace overlooking the whole liman. In ancient times there was a bottom of the sea in the place of sand extraction, and in the forest, planted on the liman slopes, we will find three sources of the purest spring water.
We will get acquainted with cheese production in Staraya Emetovka village, and in Illinka territory we will try to trace the local birds - Harrier Meadow, Hawk and maybe we can see a White tailed eagle.
Finishing our trip, we will find ourselves in "Kuyalnik" - once it was the most famous resort in Eastern Europe. 
Stairs for heart diseases treatment, body mud baths and a monument to the founder of the resort Erast Andreyevskiy are preserved here.