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In 19th century, when Odessa was the main port of the Black Sea, representatives of various nationalities flocked here - they brought their particular culture with them, including the culture of production and consumption of wine and wine products, which include brandy and sparkling wines. Appeared and became famous around the world such enterprises as Henry Rederer Sparkling Wine Factory, Cognac Museum of Shustov, Shabo Winery. Numerous "vinarki" or in Italian way "bodegas" (wineries) were as business card of our port city.


DAY 1 Ukrainian National Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking named after V.E. Tairov: excursion and wine tasting. At the beginning of our excursion you can learn about the history of a unique institute. Then, the underground gallery - a narrow path in a stone tunnel stylized as catacombs - the route goes to the elegant rotunda on the bank of liman, overlooking terrace planted with vines. Then descend to the underground storage.

French Boulevard: walking excursion from Shevchenko park to Arkadia with visit to wine store «French Boulevard». Buildings that are more than one hundred years have main and auxiliary departments. In one of them you can see the process of receiving, processing and storage of wine, especially blended separation of semi-sweet wines.

Night in Odessa

DAY 2 Factory «Winetrest» (Wines of Gulievs): excursion in the vineyards and wine tasting. 
A Wine Factory "Winetrest" was built in 2005 and equipped with the latest French equipment.
Factory processes up to 10 thousand tons of grapes per year. All traditional rules and production technology of natural grape wine of high quality are observed there, which are introduced to the visitors during excursion.

Velikodolinskoye: wine brand "Gross Libental".

Shabo Wine Cultural Center: excursion and wine tasting. 
It is one of the largest wineries in Ukraine now. During excursion you can get into a huge dungeon - Royal (Romanian king was here) and Sherry cellars (here in oak barrels "matures" unique wine - dry sherry), and the storage located at a depth of nine meters underground. Pride of the factory: Brandy yard with oak barrels for aging noble cognac; Champagne house to produce high-quality sparkling wine by the classical method; Department of cold wine bottling, as well as newly created Museum and Cinema, where you can see a fascinating story of Shabo settlement and its founder Louis Tardane.

Night in Odessa

DAY 3 Odessa Factory of sparkling wines – excursion with sparkling wine tasting. Cognac Museum of Shustov: excursion in the museum and cognac tasting
Moving along the underground halls, visitors learn about the history of the noble drink, learn the details of production process - how grapes are grown, how to make barrels and about cognac aging process.
Halls of the museum devoted to the history of the company and its founder Nicholai Shustov, who came up with idea to promote his products, employing students in different cities, so they demanded liqueurs and bitters of his trademark in drinking establishments. Shustovs drinks were loved by many famous people including Agatha Christie, Fyodor Chaliapin, Anton Chekhov, Winston Churchill, Georgy Zhukov and Sergei Yesenin.